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Behaviour management

Education Queensland is committed to provisions that ensure all young Queenslanders have a right to and receive a quality education. Our aim regarding behaviour management at NPA State College is to create the conditions for each learner to progress towards responsible self-management, whilst learning about how and why people behave the way they do. In achieving this goal, our college recognises that individual students bring different levels of knowledge about responsible self-management and that a consistent college-wide approach to developing this behaviour is essential to fully support the diverse needs of our students.  The college behaviour expectations of I am a Learner, I am Respectful and I am Safe frame this college-wide approach.

Our college has an active School Wide Positive Behaviour Support committee, made up of community members, administrators, teachers and support staff, who meet regularly to:

• Drive a strong commitment to creating a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment and culture throughout the college with a behaviour management and education system grounded in evidence from research and practice.

• Reflect and link initiatives to the values that are important within the community to ensure that parents and families are recognised as integral partners in developing appropriate behaviour and responsible self-management within students.

• Review college-wide and campus-specific data about inappropriate behaviour incidences to plan and implement targeted and efficient interventions and initiatives.

• Plan and implement a suite of college-wide and campus-specific lessons that explicitly teach appropriate school behaviours across a range of settings. Behaviour lessons ensure that clear and consistent expectations are in place at each campus and these explicit lessons occur at least once a week at all campuses.

• Ensure all staff have an in-depth knowledge of the NPA State College’s Responsible Behaviour Plan and the interventions and initiatives that support the college’s behaviour management and education aims.

You may wish to read the Responsible Behaviour Plan document (PDF) which provides the detailed strategies to meet these aims.