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Injinoo Students Experience Wonders of Science

Solar car under construction
​Solar car under construction
​In the first weekend of the holidays four students participated in the Wonders of Science Program at James Cook University. The aim of the program is to promote a passion and enthusiasm for science and technology in Queensland’s Young Indigenous people. The final challenge was for the students to build a solar powered vehicle to complete a revolution of a circle in ten seconds.
The upper primary school students at the Injinoo campus were required to work in teams of four with the team that designed and built the best car traveling to Cairns to compete against students from other schools.
The successful group of students were required to develop a scientific report and present their car to a panel of judges with a justification as to why their car has the most effective design. The four students who travelled to Cairns for the inter school competition were accompanied by staff members Mr Dan Hollis and Mrs Lynette Day.
When the students competed at the University they spoke very confidently and demonstrated their car using the correct Physics terminology referring to centripetal force, momentum and inertia. The students also had the opportunity to question the students from the other schools about their cars which they did very articulately.
The student group came away from the weekend activities with a greater appreciation of the scientific principles in play.The students also enjoyed the opportunity to interact with the students from other schools across the Cape and Cairns districts.
Well done to all involved!